5 Things You Need to Do NOW Before the NEXT Quarantine

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With a recent resurgence of COVID19 cases and the possibility of another round of stay-at-home orders seeming likely for the Fall, here are FIVE THINGS you need to do NOW to prepare for the next lockdown.

Last week, I FINALLY got an appointment to see my doctor for routine medical care.  At the end of my visit, my doctor informed me that my follow-up appointment was due in three months, which actually fell on Labor Day in America (September 7, 2020). 

But what she said next hit me like a ton of bricks.  My doctor told me to consider scheduling that appointment a week early because, based upon what her office was being “told”, we could be back under a stay-at-home order as early as the day after Labor Day, “but almost certainly by October 1st.” GASP!

I felt like she had knocked the breath out of me.  Our restaurants, bars, and retail had just re-opened while gyms and hair salons were still closed.  I was enjoying that little bit of freedom to go outside and cautiously seeing friends and family again.  I wasn’t ready to think about being locked inside my home again without access to the rest of the world.

But after I simmered for a bit, I realized that she is probably right.  We’ve been told for awhile now that a widespread reappearance of the virus is expected in Fall 2020.  And with the recent resurgence of the virus in many parts of the world, another round of stay-at-home orders seems likely.  But with a vaccine is still some ways away, I knew it was time to start preparing NOW and starting making of list of everything I needed to do in preparation for the NEXT lockdown.  So with that said, here is my list of FIVE THINGS you need to do NOW to prepare for the next stay at home order:

  1. Schedule all doctors visits NOW. This includes all necessary and/or routine medical, dental, and optometric care…and make those appointments for before September 1st if possible.  Also, STOCK UP ON MEDICATION to minimize your trips outside your home in the event we are under stay-at-home orders again soon.  And don’t forget veterinary care for your four-legged family members.  During the last lockdown, we weren’t able to see our veterinarian except for emergencies!

2. Stock your pantry, bookshelf, craft room, wine cellar, etc.  If you think back, trips to the grocery store could be frightening during the last lockdown with all the bare shelves.  And remember that whole toilet paper shortage?!?! Start buying your pantry staples now.  Because we here in Michigan were not allowed up purchase anything that was unnecessary to sustaining life during the last lockdown, load up NOW on your hobby supplies, such as books, craft necessities…and of course WINE!  

3. Clean out your junk BEFORE the quarantine.  During the last lockdown, I thought I would pass some of my abundantly-free time by cleaning out our basement and attic.  Boy did I get a rude awakening!  Our recycle center was closed during the last lockdown, second hand stores were not taking donations, and the landfill was open to household waste only.  If you have junk that needs to go, sort through it and get rid of it NOW.

4. Buy your DIY project supplies NOW.  We were not able to buy so much as a garden hose during the last lockdown!  This will also mean less trips out to minimize your chances of catching the virus.

5. Start ordering Christmas presents NOW.  In case you haven’t noticed, the toy aisles in the big box stores are pretty bare right now.  With manufacturing shut down during the last lockdown across the world, its entirely likely that Christmas toys for the children and grandchildren will be “slim pickins” around the holidays.  For instance, we tried to purchase Legos online for our son during the Spring stay at home order…but the backorder was two months long!

BONUS:  Build an Autumn Fire Pit with Outdoor Seating.  I’m beginning to believe that there will be no pumpkin patch trips or visits to the apple orchard and cider mill in Fall 2020.  This isn’t a necessity…but wouldn’t it be nice to sit by the fire this Autumn in the safety of your own yard?  Consider building your own outdoor firepit NOW so you still have plenty of time to use it this summer. As an alternative, spruce up your fireplace – cozy nights by the fireside are always welcome in Autumn!  (We even went so far so to plant our own pumpkin patch this year!) And don’t forget to stock up on firewood or environmentally friendly fire logs!

Can you think of more ways to prepare for the next quarantine? Let me hear from you in the comments below!!!


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