4 Ways Bright Colors Can Lift Your Spirits

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In this crazy time that we are living in, I find that incorporating bright colors into my daily life lifts my spirits. Here are 4 ways that you can use vibrant colors at home to brighten your daily life!

To say that we are living in a mad, mad world right now is an understatement. Without delving into the details of those events, I struggle because I have no way to control those events or the reactions to them. Because there are few news posts shared on Instagram, I find myself burying my brain in this social media platform to avoid the news of the day. The status of our world right now necessitates – or even dictates – that we create our own peaceful havens at home. And with that said, incorporating bright colors into your daily life could help lift your spirits! Here are four places in your daily life to utilize vibrant colors:

#1: Home. Throw a brightly colored pillow on your couch or bed. Buy fresh flowers and place them in a vase on your countertop. Find a brilliantly colored blanket or cardigan and lay it across the sofa arm or chair. Arrange lemons in a bowl for your dining table. You may find that these small pops of color instantly brighten your mood!

#2. Wardrobe. Its summertime so break out the colorful wardrobe! Pair a vibrant blouse or shirt with plain white jeans or shorts. Move your most colorful clothing to the front of your closet and top of your drawer. And even if you have nowhere to go because of the quarantine, put on that colorful maxi dress and wear it around the house…the “house dress” movement is a real thing now!

#3. Outdoors.  In the summertime, this is the absolute easiest place to incorporate bright colors into your daily life.  A simple but bright petunia basket purchased at your local store has the ability to add multiple smiles to every person that sees it.  A small but vibrant flower basket can brighten your spirits all summer long for very little money! And don’t worry about killing it – flower gardening is as simple as watering your flowers 2-3 times a week.  PS:  I cannot stress enough how well a cool and crisp glass of Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc pairs with flower gardening!

#4. Meals. Now that summer is here and fresh produce is abundant, eat the rainbow! Incorporate brilliantly colored vegetables and fruits into your daily meal. Consider substituting one meal a day with a Nourish Bowl, which essentially just a big salad bowl full of everything you can buy at your local farmer’s market. You may find that this one simple adjustment lifts your spirit…from the inside out! And don’t forget to uncork a vividly-colored bottle of Rosé in the evening…then savor it in the evening in your own outdoor haven at home!

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